Tourism Offers

Dear Visitors,

Within the project “Routes of the Zrinskis,” we have prepared and developed new applications in order to promote the history and the legacy of the Zrinski family in the Hungarian-Croatian Cross Border Space and display the various offers in the region.
We invite you to download the materials posted below as well as visit the following links where you can download mobile applications and use tailor-made software developed in the project.

The mobile applications can be found for Android and Iphone at the following links:
a. For Android:

b. For Iphone:

The webwalk created for tourists visiting Szigetvar can be found on the following web link:

We have also created tour packages along the Routes of the Zrinskis.

The packages are designed so that visitors can travel through the destinations and experience the cultural, traditions and history of Medimurje County over 1-day, 2-day or 3 –day periods. Whether you travel alone or in a large group, these packages will allow you to discover Medimurje and experience everything the region has to offer in an interactive, entertaining and educational manner.

For more information on the destinations and packages, feel free to contact the Museum of Medimurje Čakovec (email: ; Tel: +385 40 313 499) and/or the Tourism Board of Medimurje County (email:; Tel: +385 40 374 064).

Please note that for some of the activities in the packages, booking needs to be made at least one week in advance. Please see the activities marked with (*).

routes-logo-en61 – day Package

2 – day Package

3 – day Package