Siget – Szigetvár

Ottoman siege of Szigetvar

Szigetvar is a city in Baranya County in southern Hungary. It is located 30 kilometres northwest of the border crossing with Croatia at Barcs, HU. Currently, 10.900 people live in the city.

During the time of the Zrinskis, Szigetvar was one of the most important border fortresses of the country. It consisted of four sections: the inner fortress, the outer fortress, the old town and the new town. Each section was divided by wetlands and was linked to the next by bridges. The city is famous for the Siege of the Szigetvar in 1566 where Suleiman the Magnificient’s Ottoman army of at least 60.000 mean fought against the greatly outnumbered forces of Captain Nikola Subić Zrinski (approximately 2.500 men). After nearly a month long siege, Nikola Zrinski with the remaining defenders broke from the fort and died heroically. The city was finally conquered but the Ottoman army was significantly weakened by the brave resistance and Suleiman’s death during the siege. After Szigetvar was conquered, it remained under Ottoman power until 1689. The historic castle has been restored and monuments commemorating the sacrifices of Zrinski and his men are found throughout the city.

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