Vularija – Drávaollár


The settlement of Vularija is under the administrative authority of the Municipality of Orehovica and is located along the Drava River. It is 11 km from Cakovec and 14 km from the City of Varazdin. According to the last census taken in 2011, there are 414 residents living in Vularija.

In the 16th and 17th centuries Vularija was an important location since it was the location of the large manor of the Zrinski family. The manor was fully equipped and was the main location where members of Zrinski family preferred to visit. There was a brick building that had seven rooms and a separate building for three servants and their families. In particular, it was furnished a kitchen and cellar for 30 barrels of wine. The manor had all the necessary equipment; it was built from the best materials, and crafted under the hands of skilled tradesmen. The value of the property was estimated at 300 forints, which is interesting to note because at the same time the estimated value of the fortress in Legrad was 250 forints. In addition to the preserved letters from Countess Ana Nadasdy, the first wife of Nikola VI Zrinski, dating to 1610, in which she details the management of the coastal properties of Countess Julija Cikulini and asks for items for the court in Čakovec, the settlement text on the division of property between Nikola and Petar Zrinski was prepared at the manor in 1649, which was then brought before the Zagreb diocese (Kaptol in Zagreb) that same year. The settlement was marked under the name Wolaria on the map of Giovanni Giuseppe Spalla in 1670. In 1673, the settlement was marked as Vuliaria on the map of Croatia by Stjepan Glavač, and as Holoria on the map of Johann Batista Homann in 1714.