Sveti Juraj na Bregu – Víziszentgyörgy

The center of the municipality of Sveti Juraj na Bregu is Lopatinec although the administration of the community as well as the parish centre are located in Pleškovec. The settlement is located 10 kilometers away from Čakovec. According to the latest census in 2011, 5112 inhabitants live in the settlement.

There was a parish church in Lopatinec. It most likely already existed in the 14th century, but it was first mentioned in 1501 and in later documents. Nikola Zrinski of Siget gave possession of the property to the Catholic Church in 1563, which is evidenced by the original grant which was kept in the parish office. The baroque church of St. Marija Lauretan was built in the 18th century near the former church of St. Juraj. The church has the original walls intact and it was renovated in 2008

The tourism offer of Sveti Juraj na Bregu includes the traditional house in Frkanovec, two stations on the Route of Tradition (traditional cuisine in the restaurant “Međimurski dvori” in Lopatinec and traditional handicrafts in the gallery-educational centre “Međimurske ruke” in Brezje), the Arcadia Wellness Park in Frkanovec and the adrenaline center Accredo in Zasadbreg.