Prelog – Perlak


The City of Prelog is an economic and administrative centre in the eastern part of Međimurje County, and is located next to the Drava River and the accumulation lake HE Dubrava. Prelog is 17 kilometers from Čakovec and 25 kilometers from Varaždin. The international border crossing with Hungary in Goričan is 8 kilometers away. According to the latest census in 2011, Prelog has 4333 residents.

Prelog has existed since the 3rd century as confirmed through archeological findings of various Roman estates known as Villa Rustica in the settlements of Ferenic, Ciglišče and Varašćin. Prelog was first mentioned in 1264 in the charter of the Croatian Ban Roland of Ratold, which was a judgment regarding the possession of Trnava. That same year the Ban issued a charter which stated that the Count of Lankret must allocate a portion of their estate to the hospites, German craftsmen, who began settling in the area in the second half of the 13th century with the aim of craft development.

The list of parishes of the Zagreb diocese from 1334 mentioned the parish in Prelog with its headquarters in the church of St. Lovro – Ecclesiae Sancti Laurencia de Perlok. In 1501, the parish church dedicated to St. Jacob was further mentioned in official texts. Today it is a beautiful baroque church. It was constructed from 1758 to 1761. At the time of Protestantism, Prelog also had a Protestant parish. As a market town, Hungarian historian Csanky Dezso mentioned in the 15th century (during the time of the Zrinskis) that Prelog was one of the most important marketplaces in Međimurje with developed trade and commerce. In order to account for dangers posed by the Ottoman Empire’s expansion, the town had 50 foot soldiers. Apart from the Gothic cylindrical tower that was discovered by accident in 1997, there are no other remains of the fortified installations.

These remains of the tower together with the parish church are the most significant sights of Prelog. The tourist offer of the city and surrounding area include sports and recreational facilities along the Accumulation Lake HE Dubrava.