Novakovec – Muraújfalu

Novakovec The settlement Novakovec is located within the municipality of Podturen. Novakovec is located along the Mura River. The center of the municipality is 3 kilometers away. According to the latest census in 2011, 826 inhabitants live in the settlement.

In 1507, Feudal lord Ivan Ernušt gave Nikola Lad the estate of Novakovec for his faithful service. During the reign of the Zrinskis, Novakovec was the center of the military administrative unit (vojvodat) Novakovec which was a part of the Legrad Captaincy. One of the defensive fortifications on the Mura River was constructed there and it was charted on the map of the Croatia by the court engineer Martin Stier in 1660. In 1670, Giovanni Giuseppe Spalla marked Novakovec as Novakoitz. In the village itself in 1638 there were 38 lords of the manor, and in 1660 there were 33 lords of the manor.

The tourist offer in Novakovec is primarily recreational, including fishing along the Mura River.