Nedelišće – Drávavásárhely


The settlement Nedelišće is the administrative center of the municipality with the same name, situated on the national road between Čakovec and Varaždin. The state border with Slovenia, i.e. The international border crossing at Trnovec, is 6 kilometers away. According to the last census in 2011, Nedelisce has 4368 inhabitants.

Nedelišće, which is believed to be named after the day Sunday, was first mentioned in 1226 in the grant of King Bela IV. The Church of the Holy Trinity, around which the settlement began to develop, was first mentioned in 1334. The settlement emerged as an important medieval market town and the customs office (tridesetnice) was established there at the end of the 15th century.

There was significant demographic and economic growth in Nedelisce during the 16th and 17th centuries (when the Zrinski family ruled the region). In Nedelisce at that time, there was the main customs office on the western border of the Croatian-Hungarian Empire. At the end of the 16th century, a postal office was opened in Nedelisce making the settlement a new stop on the postal route between today’s Nagykanizsa, HU and Graz, AT. The first Croatian outpatient printing house, which briefly operated between 1570 and 1586, was also located in the settlement. It was the only printing house working in Croatia in this period. The printing press managed by Publisher Rudolf Hoffhalter printed the book Decretum (translated from Werböczy’s Tripartitum) in 1574 in Croatian in Nedelišće. This publication was the codified collection of Hungarian and Croatian common law.

The cultural heritage of Nedelišće includes the mentioned Church of the Holy Trinity in which there is a late Gothic tabernacle and a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes which was made in 1883. It is the oldest of its kind in Croatia. Other tourism assets include the Festival of Croatian Folk Songs from Međimurje, which has been organized over the past 30 years; the private zoological collection of stuffed animals of Andrew Lesinger, and the 300 year old plane tree which is a natural moment.