Mursko Središće – Muraszerdahely

Mursko Središće

Mursko Središće is an economic and administrative center in the northern part of Međimurje County. The town is located along the Mura River and it has a border crossing with Slovenia. Mursko Središće is 15 kilometers away from Čakovec. According to the latest census in 2011, 3465 inhabitants live in the town.

Mursko Središće was mentioned through history as Zredysche (1334) with the parish church of St. Martin, and as Murasardehell in 1670 on the map of Giovanni Giuseppe Spalla. It was mentioned as a marketplace in the 15th century and it had an important role as an economic centre during the Zrinski’s reign. In 1598, there was a mention of oppidum sive iudikatus (City or town) that had 66 lords of the manor. In 1638, Mursko Središće had 41 lords of manors.

The previously mentioned church no longer exists, but today there is a baroque church dating from the 18th century. Furthermore, Mursko Sredisce has established the Memorial House of Mining since the city holds the title of “City of miners”. Like Podturen, Mursko Središće forms a part of Eco-museum Mura, which is an attractive location due to its landscape and cultural diversity.