Hlapičina – Lapány

Novi Dvori

Hlapičina administratively belongs to the city Mursko Središće, which is 4 kilometers away. The settlement is situated along the Mura River. According to the latest census in 2011, 678 inhabitants live in the settlement.

Near Hlapičina there was an estate of the Knights of St. John, the Preceptory and the monastery Nova Curia, which was first mentioned in 1266. In the 17th century, the estates of Nova Curia, i.e. New Castle (Novi Dvori), belonged to the Zrinski family. The fort was charted on the map of the court engineer Martin Stier in 1660 and on the map of Giovani Giuseppe Spalla (named Neuhoff) in 1670. The remains of the estate still exist. The descriptions of the estate from 1720 say that the citadel consisted of brick construction. The upper floor had six bedrooms, two rooms and a kitchen with double eaves. The ceilings were wooden without arched ceilings. The lower floor had storage rooms, a cellar and other necessary rooms. Brick arches were important for the stability of the building. Significant repairs are required, especially on the main surface of the wall. In many places the wall has cracks and damage, and in some places it must be demolished and rebuilt completely. The environment of the citadel has always been the same. Around it are two gardens, and one that is more distant. Land around the citadel is about 175 acres of arable land and 26 acres of hayfields on both sides of Mura River. The village Hlapičina is located next to the citadel.