Gornji Kuršanec – Felsőzrínyifalva


The settlement of Gornji Kuršanec administratively belongs to the municipality of Nedelišće. It is located next to the Drava River, the accumulation lake HE Čakovec and the state road, connecting Čakovec and Varazdin. According to the latest census in 2011, 782 inhabitants live in the settlement.

Kuršanec is mentioned in history as the place of death of Ban Nikola VII. Zrinski. He was killed by a wild boar while hunting in Kuršanec’s meadows on November 18, 1664. Marchioness Anna Maria Pignatelly de Pereguardo Althan, the first lady of Medimurje at the time, established a monument 350 cm high at the place where he was killed in 1728. As the Drava River changed its course, the monument was eventually moved. The original is now kept in the Museum of Medimurje Cakovec. In 1994 a copy of the original was placed in Gornji Kuršanec.

The remaining part of the tourist offer of the Gornji Kuršanec is primarily oriented towards recreation. The accumulation lake on the Drava River is suitable for nautical tourism, which includes windsurfing, water skiing, motor biking and the like.