Goričan – Muracsány


Goričan is the only village belonging to the municipality, which is located along the Croatian-Hungarian border. Goričan is the beginning of the A4 Zagreb – Goričan highway, an important transport corridor connecting the countries of Central and Eastern Europe with the coastal regions of Croatia. Goričan is 22 kilometers away from Čakovec. According to the latest census in 2011, 2851 inhabitants live in the settlement.

Archaeological sites from the early Iron Age indicate that there was a settlement in this area several centuries before Christ. During the time of the Zrinskis, Goričan was classified as a vojvodat (military administrative unit). In 1670, Giovanni Giuseppe Spalla mentioned the location as Gorizian on the map. It was the location of one of the manors of the family and it had a fort by the Mura River. In 1665, Chapel of St. Leonard was mentioned. Today’s parish church of St. Leonard was built in the second half of the 18th century on the site where there once stood the statue of St. Leonard. Church was supposedly erected by Maria Sofia Löbl, the second wife of Nikola VII. Zrinski.

Apart from the church, tourist offer of Goričan includes the resort Zelengaj by the Mura River. Zelengaj’s offer includes nature walks, fishing, horseback riding and local cuisine.