Donji Vidovec – Muravid

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Donji Vidovec is the only village in the municipality with the same name, and it is located in the southeast of Međimurje County. Donji Vidovec is 33 kilometers from Čakovec and 24 kilometers from Koprivnica. The international border crossing with Hungary in Goričan is 17 kilometers away. According to the latest census in 2011, 1403 inhabitants live in the settlement.

The first mention of Donji Vidovec dates back to 1226 and refers to the estate of Bistrić, which nobleman Mutimir from Međimurje pledged to the Zagreb Bishop Stjepan. The settlement fell under the administrative control of the military administration (Vojvodat) of Kotoriba. Donji Vidovec is renowned for gold panning along the Drava River. After the Zrinski-Frankopan Conspiracy was crushed in 1670, high quantities of gold were found in the Zrinski treasury. A century later in 1776, the goldsmith guild from Donji Vidovec received a memorandum from the Empress Maria Theresa allowing for free gold panning.

Gold panning today forms a part of the tourism offer of Donji Vidovec. The area offers various sports and recreational activities, especially golf, hunting and fishing. The cultural attractions include the parish church of St. Vid, which was built in the late 18th century in the late baroque and classical style. It is believed that part of the foundation dates back to the 15th century when at that point there was a Gothic church.