Domašinec – Damása


Domašinec is the administrative center of the municipality with the same name. It is located near the Mura River and the state border with Hungary. It is 15 kilometers away from Čakovec, 12 kilometers from the border crossing with Goričan and 16 kilometers away from the border crossing Mursko Središće, which is also a border crossing with Slovenia. According to the latest census in 2011, 1710 inhabitants live in the settlement.

Ceramic finds from the Iron Age, found close to Domašinec, indicate that there were settlements at the location more than two thousand years ago. During the reign of the Zrinski family, the settlement was a part of the military administrative unit (vojvodat) of Novakovec. It was an important point of defense which is seen from the locations of the defensive outposts of Zemeninzka, Nouaztrasa, Domasinzka and Kolikovina. In Domašinec there were 10 lords of the manors in 1638. In 1670, Giovanni Giuseppe Spalla indicated Domašinec on the map as Domaschnitz.

The tourist offer in Domašinec include an educational walk on the educational trail Murščak which with its 12 positions provide comprehensive geographical, economic, cultural and historical information on the region.