News and events for the project “Routes of the Zrinskis”

Predstavnici projektnih partnera na uvodnoj konferenciji u Szigetváru

Opening Conference for the Project “Routes of the Zrinskis”

On Saturday July 12th, 2014, the opening conference was held in the main square of Szigetvár for the project “Tourist Promotion of the Zrinski Family Thematic Routes in the Cross-Border Region (Routes of the Zrinskis)”.

The project “Routes of the Zrinskis” is the first of its kind in the region. It has been prepared in order to promote long-term cooperation between the City of Szigetvar and Čakovec. The main objective of the project is the creation of thematic routes through which it will be possible to explore the history of the two regions relating to the Zrinski family. Educational and historical content will be presented to users through the use of high technology at the main information points of the project and will be designed in a way to provide tourists specific, insightful and interesting content on the Zrinski Family. The partnership has been established in order to conduct joint research, as well as preserve and present the cultural heritage of both regions. This EU project aims to establish the region as a tourist destination on both domestic and international markets.

Representatives of the project partners, Szigetvári Várbaráti Kör, Museum of Medimurje Čakovec and Human Innovációs Csoport Nonprofit TARSASAG took part in the opening conference. Citizens participated in the event. The project partners first presented the planned activities and explained to them the major results and impacts of the project to the public.

After the presentation, a quiz was held about the history of Szigetvár. The team from the Museum won second place. After this, János Kapronczaya’s paintings and historical photographs of the Bosniaks of Szigetvar were displayed at a public exhibition.


Opening of the Museum Information Centre (MIC)



At the palace of old town Čakovec (Stari grad Čakovec) on April 28th at 18:00, the Museum Information Centre (MIC) was officially opened. The purpose of the centre is to act as an information point for the project „Routes of the Zrinskis“ and as an information centre on tourism attractions in Čakovec and Međimurje County. The additional content of the centre includes visits to the Museum of Međimurje Čakovec, purchasing souvenirs and tasting sparkling wine. The centre is considered a key part of the revitalization of Stari grad as a tourist destination and will ensure that the Museum is visible and considered an interesting location to visit.

Apart from MIC, in the project Routes of the Zrinskis software will be developed, which will include maps of all the locations in the project, software for the info kiosk to be installed in MIC which will provide tourists key information on various locations in Medimurje County. Along the 17 locations in Medimurje County, there will be 17 information boards installed. These boards will contain historical information on the history of Medimurje during the time of the Zrinski family.


Tour of the thematic routes of the Zrinskis


Within the project “Routes of the Zrinskis” tourism packages covering 1 day, 2 days and 3 days have been developed, and a tour of the routes along Medimurje County was organized. On Wednesday July 15th, the first tour of the routes took place where the content for 1-day packages were presented. The participants were representatives of municipalities and cities in the region, tourism associations, tourism agencies, representatives of the Museum of Medimurje Čakovec and project team members.

Participants first gathered at the Museum Information Centre (MIC) where the project was presented along the content of the tourism packages. First, the participants were taken on a tour of the museum where the permanent exhibitions were presented. After this, the participants travelled by a tour bus through Nedelišće, Gornji Kuršanec, Vularija to Prelog. While the participants were travelling, the important aspects of the Zrinski family in each location were carefully explained to participants, and cultural sites were presented. In Prelog, the remains of the defesne tower and the baroque church of St. Jakob were toured. After this, the participants travelled through Donji Vidovec, Danja Dubrava, Kotoriba, Goričan, Domašinec, Novakovec, Podturen to Mursko Središće. At Mursko Središće, the participants had time to enjoy the natural surroundings along the new walkway on the Mura River. The participants then travelled through Hlapičina, Lapšina, Sveti Martin na Muri to Štriogva where lunch was served at the Winery of the Kossi Family. After the lunch the participants travelled through Lopatinec to Šenkovec where the Mausoleum of the Zrinski family and the Chapel of St. Jelena were presented. The tour ended in Čakovec in the evening.





Closing Conference and Final Project Event honouring the Zrinski Family


The closing conference and the final project event in honour of the Zrinskis was held on Saturday July 25th 2015 at 6 pm at the Museum of Medimurje Cakovec.

The event was organized within the project “Routes of the Zrinskis” which was co-financed from the EU funds. After 16 months of implementing the project, the results of the project were presented. All the works were described and it was explained how the tourism packages were prepared within the project. It was also mentioned how they will improve the tourism offer of Medimurje County and the wider region. The conference was organized as a press conference. The lead partner Szigetvári Várbaráti Kör and the second partner from Hungary HICS – Humán Innovációs Csoport Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság presented the activities that were implemented in Hungary and what their impact was.

Museum of Medimurje Cakovec (main partner from Croatia) explained what was done through the project and how the project enhanced the tourism offer and the quality of life in Medimurje County. The purpose of the conference and the project event honouring the Zrinskis was to present the rich culture inheritance of the region. MMC prepared refreshments in the atrium of the Old town. There was also entertainment with dinner. Female vocal group of the Cultural Art Association “Veseli Međimurci” from Čakovec performed original Medimurian songs. With this event, the project team wanted to thank everyone who supported the implementation of the project and to celebrate our success.